Quickie: Christmas Special

There are a pile of hot ladies you’ve previously meet while you’re enjoying distinct episodes of visual book series”Quickie” out of Oppai Games. But what if you will meet a number of these in one game? Well, then you will understand that this is something special and you will be fairly appropriate – this can be xmas special variant! We won’t tell you anything else about the narrative (expecially since you most likely already know that stories here are somewhat shorter than in normal visual novel games and this is the point the place where the title for the whole collection comes from) but you need to know that at any point you will be able to choose what chick you wish to devote this excellent night with – is it the chick that you liked the maximum or are you going to try someone you managed to overlook? It is up to you! Play now »

Xmas Slider

Slider puzzles are games that allow you to enjoy picture assembling gameplay however let you to get it done in a quicker way so you won’t get tired of the process. And from the manner in this edition all the pictures are going to be Xmas and winter vacations themed! Game is composed of few degrees that are separate dintotwo parts – horizontal sliders and vertical sliders. In both of them you need to budge the chunks of picture against each other so as to line them up and type the initial photo. After you will you may love the well done and highly thorough anime porn art or reach the next level. If you are going to like it then you definitely should chekc our website wher eyou can find other games from this series devoted to there topics like halloween or summer time such as. Play now »

Pussymon 19

The quest for new hot pussymons will continue in”Pussymon 19: A new Xmas duty”. Along with also a sit is pretty demonstrable right from the title this will be a special vignette devoted to winter vacations. Not too long time past you and your group of courageous pussymon hunters were exploring the mysterious forest of Hlloween Town. And this can be when an alarm to be given by the starts of DOT ASystem. The signs turns out to be quite a distress cal from Pussymon Hunter Society that will be calling for all available groups to help with an unexpected emergency in non oother than Frost Pole! Yep, the place of snow an dmagic in which Santa’s workshop can be situated which means that your fresh task might be to conserve the Xmas in the entire world… and also to find new hot pussymons to your group ofcourse! Play now »

Catgirl Christmas

It’s a very simple and cute hentai which is fun to play. Besides that the game doubles the fun if you happen to be the fan of nekogirlsand even triples the enjoyment if you decide to play it during the time of Christmas because according to the very basic background story you get one of such Nekogirls for a present and the first thingthat she’s willing to do when you take her from her box is… to take your cock with a snub! Simply use the arrow buttons on the bottomside of the game’s screen to switch between different scenes and enjoy this unusual situation for as long as you will want to. Also, don’t forget visit our website where you can always get a variety of other hentai and eortic-themed games and animations! Have fun Play now »