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Our first game from the"Cybergenic" show is the Prequel. In the game, your previous flight engineer is drained of space travel and would like to lodge down on a planet. It's your choice to find his replacement. That's how you meet the Stella that is charming. Support us PATREON You are able to play this game on mobile devices on our site
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35 episodes of Pussymon Saga are supporting so in case you're craving to continue the escapade then your wait will be over - sequence 36 is ultimately here! This chapetr of adventures is titled as"Liunahelm and Tayzakana" and can enable you to meet with two fresh nations (which titles clearly wa smentioned in the title). So get ready to dive into the universe of pussymons quiet deep and for long since this sequence has fairly a lot of differnet articles - finished three dozens (! )) Of fresh scenes, seven new pussymons (five fresh pussymons as usual plus two managers!) And more than one thousand lines of texts (the record of the seires for now!) . Besides all that you will meet fresh characters, reveal a duo of mysteries form the past and get!
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"Mystery Incorporated" have got an urgent message from 2 ladies from Amsterdam. They are reporting that bizarre creatures have been sighted from the Abandoned Castle neighborhood. It's time to get Velma and her friends start a fresh investigation!
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