Pussymon 19

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The quest for new hot pussymons will continue in”Pussymon 19: A new Xmas duty”. Along with also a sit is pretty demonstrable right from the title this will be a special vignette devoted to winter vacations. Not too long time past you and your group of courageous pussymon hunters were exploring the mysterious forest of Hlloween Town. And this can be when an alarm to be given by the starts of DOT ASystem. The signs turns out to be quite a distress cal from Pussymon Hunter Society that will be calling for all available groups to help with an unexpected emergency in non oother than Frost Pole! Yep, the place of snow an dmagic in which Santa’s workshop can be situated which means that your fresh task might be to conserve the Xmas in the entire world… and also to find new hot pussymons to your group ofcourse!

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