Quickie: Christmas Special

There are a pile of hot ladies you’ve previously meet while you’re enjoying distinct episodes of visual book series”Quickie” out of Oppai Games. But what if you will meet a number of these in one game? Well, then you will understand that this is something special and you will be fairly appropriate – this can be xmas special variant! We won’t tell you anything else about the narrative (expecially since you most likely already know that stories here are somewhat shorter than in normal visual novel games and this is the point the place where the title for the whole collection comes from) but you need to know that at any point you will be able to choose what chick you wish to devote this excellent night with – is it the chick that you liked the maximum or are you going to try someone you managed to overlook? It is up to you! Play now »

Sanguine Rose [v Alpha 1.0.2]

“Sanguine Rose” is a visual book with strong sensual and anime porn elements that occurs in fantasy setting. The main leading lady of the story is Carmen Valentine whose adventures have brought to her attention of the wealthy and powerfull people since she wa snot always acting as a law obiding citizen. And even tho she has managed to run away authorities for a time one day she got caught by the band of mercenaries who are now hauling her into the capita but because this can be al ong manner they’ll need to stay at the tavern to get a night. This is where things could get even more extreme but the result will depend on your decisions as well so how exactly this story may end for Carmen is something that you will need to figure out on your own. Play now »

Quickie: Mai

“Quickie” is the collection of short visual novels which was created particularly for those who doesn’t have sufficient time or urge to play lengthy visual books yet who requries from a game pleasant romantic storyline, good artworks and even some non-linear plots characterized by means of a set of player’s decisions in a key points of this story. These qualites are present at”Quickie” show and now you are welcomed to try it with Mai! Mai is not merely hot looiking but also very gifted pianist whom you’ll meet in the university hallways and whom you will attempt to tempt and fuck ofcourse. Obviously Mai’s perosnality will probably require a particular therapy but as a result of the fact that the game is not so long you can easily match it in case if you will not be pleased with among few endings you will get. Play now »