Pussymon: Episode 36

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35 vignettes of Pussymon Saga are supporting so if you were craving to continue the adventure then your wait will be over – scene 36 is eventually here! This chapetr of experiences is titled as”Liunahelm and Tayzakana” and can let you to meet with two new states (which titles clearly wa smentioned from the title). So get ready to dive into the world of pussymons silent deep and for long because this gig contains quite a lot of differnet articles – more than three dozens (! )) Of new landscapes, seven fresh pussymons (five new pussymons as standard plus two managers!) And over one thousand lines of texts (the record of the seires for the time being!) . Besides all that you will meet new characters, reveal a duo of mysteries form the past and get!

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