Crossing Cups Naughty Cartoons

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In this flash game you may play a game named Thimbles. Andlook at the photos with beautiful and buxomy cartoon damsels. You can see how they smooch, and then munch each other mounds and pink honeypot. But very first-ever you have to win this round. So, you see three crimson thimbles and one gold coin. Once the game is finished, the thimble will cover the coin. The thimbles will then rotate. You must witness the thimble below which the coin is situated. You have to point to the right thimble, As soon as they stop. If you have chosen correctly, then the game moves to a new level, and a depraved picture can be seen by you. The more levels in the game you can go through, the more depraved pictures with big-boobed painted. Start right now!

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