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Another one amazing anime porn game out of”Games of Desire” about Naruto: this time our ninjaboy is beggingna bang non besides hokage Tsunde herself! Tsunade isn’t a rookie to ingesting yet occasionally – fairly uncommon naturally – she is drinking a lot. And tonight it is Naruto’s turn to look after her. It costs a lot of to deliver Tsunade for her bed… and he is not gonna leave sans a decent prize! And for start he (which is really will be you in the present time) is gonna play her enormous knockers! Play together and take good care of her puffies to deliver the enjoyment meter to it max and should you scceed you’ll get the opportunity to fuck the hottest hokage doggy style! Join Naruto and Tsunade this mad night to make it unforgetable (at least for Naruto)! ) Play now »

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Shizune has a letter for Naruto. One fairly unusual letter that turned out to be a invitation in hokage Tsunade! And you don’t want to miss what’s going to occur next. Join Naruto and take a excursion to the secret forest where Tsunade is practising one of her mostly key technologies – causing herself a hermaphroditism spunk-pump! And it would appear that Naruto knows just what to do in situation such as this he uses his hot jitsu and then turnes into extra hot blond with ponytails… who likes to suck large futa dick as well! Short sparring in oral areas and Tsunade overcomes Naruto once again – now she can take one of the fuckholes as she wants! She prefers to fuck hot Naruho from behind until she is going to be ready to cum… and because ninjas don’t leave any traces it will need to be an inner creampie! Play now »