Candy Shop – Smores

The Chocolate Shop team is back for more of candy and goopy act relating to this fresh sport about”Smores”! The story will start with our group of heroes having a nighttime picnic in the forest. And what is the most important point of remaining in the woods for a night? Of course to make a fire and have as much marshmallow fluff as possible! But because our guys have strange pursuits in sstrange science they won’t simply stop on eating marshmallows – they need to create a ideal marshmallow nymphs which may be utilised in other manners that are sweet. And by that we mean fucking her in various positions. And not just her – there is not any nicer time and location to get real tests compared to a field journey into the woods! Dare to sustain the venture packed with humor, spicey circumstances and lots of sticky bang-out scenes! Play now »

Saints Row Shaundi sex

Shaundi is among the greatest bitches in entire”Saints Row” franchise. And it’s a shame that you could not fuck this wild cutie in any area of the game. But you have no more reasons to worry about that -“Porn Bastards” are here and they will allow you to get what you dreamed for so lengthy! The game itself is pretty linear – simply click next button to get through dialogs to striptease part and to fucking part. But in the interim, you can use a whole lot of customization options to make this Shaundi even more close to trampy Shaundi out of the raw desires! Once her plower will arrive on the scene you can personalize him as well because new choices will become avialable as you’ll get thru the narrative. Just remember that Shaundi really isn’t the only videogame dame who got herself at”Porn Bastards” hentai game – check out our website for the all others! Play now »

Alena 2: Police Story

Teen lady – police officer rides in the nighttime city. She’s on traces and patrol offenders. Suddenly, radio reports of suspicious noise in the old mansion. A police female goes on there. To open the door to the mansion you need to solve the riddle. Find two items and it is possible to open the lock. Make your way inwards the dark house. You hear strange noises which come from out of the basement. The chick goes and all of a sudden everything drowns to the shadow. She wakes up and sees a different girl. It’s tied with a string into the slat. Both the police officer and the victim are totally naked. Who abducted these femmes dividing the law? Play now »