Epic Sexy Magic

A cool monk lives in a fantasy kingdom. He is magnificent and clinics magic when he is left alone. We will learn many different abilities, the monk decides to go to the city to inject the support of Queen Ritolung. But the guard does not allow the monk to the city and keeps the city gate. The monk goes in search of a solution. From the nearby bushes he hears strange sounds. Wow . . A beautiful and busty blonde deep throats on the local lord with his fat wood. The monk begins to conjure a spell and calls a bat that flies and drops a pot of shit. Mona quickly grabs his clothes and dresses. Now he will be able to walk through the city. . As you understood, you must use spells to conclude the tasks. As a reward, you’ll have orgy with chesty femmes. Play now »

Succubus cum explosion

How could the tag team mode in the fighting game “Darkstalker” to look when it was created by Pinoytoons? Well, probably the cute succubus chicks from the game will be trying not to punch your a**, but instead take your cock, and as we’ve already stated that it is the kind of tag team fight they both would team up in order to give you the most realistic blow-up! This hentai parody is not interactive, so you’ll need to lay back and enjoy this top quality artstyle and animation which Pinoytoons is known for. When you’ve had enough of spraying your spit across these two cutesies, you are welcomed to visit our websitewhere you can always find more different but kinky hentai parodies, gamesand animations from Pinoytooons as well as other authors too! Play now »

Hottie ride 69

Hottie is the name of primary heroine of this game which was extracted from the thicker project”The Legend of Lust” and also you’ll see while enjoying it this name suits her really well… since she’s one hot and horny (in more than 1 significance of the word) succubus! Despite the bigger game here you won’ tfind any sophisticated stories, characters development and turn-based battles against monsters and bosses since the idea of this diminutive demo-version is to flash you what kind of prizes you might get for fulfiling what we’ve described. For example here and now you can try Hottie’s abilities in position 69 orgy but her talents are far greater than that! Just get through actiosn and unlcok fresh ones while enjoy well made animations of fuckfest with Hottie. Play now »

Hottie from The Legend of Lust

Hottie is the demon of eagerness which myou may know as succubus. She is one of main heroines in a big erotic rpg job”The Legend of Lust” so it is evident that she is starring this minigame to make you interested in this bigger game. Will you fall under her charms? Let’s find it outhere and now! This game won’t inform you but it will demonstrate you ho wyou can have agood time with sexy cutie when not doing anything from mentioned earlier. Also you can use a customization option to make Hottie to look more according to your hidden desires and after you done you can enjoy few interactive fucky-fucky scenes with her – from cunt teasing to buttfuck orgy and ofcourse one massive cum-shot! Play now »