Dancing Queen: Once in a Lifetime Chance – Touzyou 2

New story in the planet of”Dancing Queen” is here and it happens to be the 2nd portion of”Chain Disaster” film. Don’t be so wondered when this lovely looking dark-haired with nice round tits will be getting fucked right from the begin. Probably you might want to learn the beginning of the story but notice thatas this game it is also manufactured in japanese language. Enjoy the story (mainly filled with hook-up this time) thru the collection of animated comics . At some point you will be supposed to play a minigame if you do not need to play it , however you reallycan skip itand you are here only to watch anime porn scenes. And don’t forget to check different vignettes of”Dancing Queen” show on our website (even though there’s iss till no english versions of them). Play now »