Ghost bang

This story will tell you that after death, there is hook-up and debauchery. So that the youthfull and athletic gigolo burned his life and smoked weed until he was hit by a bus. However he died. Now his ghost is roaming the city. The phantom wants fuckfest. He learned to control everything and stir items, as well as socialize with fact. And a plan ripened in his mind. The phantom led to the women’s bathroom. A gorgeous and chesty female comes in a couple minutes to urinate. A ghost attacks a big-titted female. He tears off her clothes and commences to fuck her near the wc in a taut bootie. The nymph screams in anguish and fear, but the ghost does not pay attention. He proceeds to fuck her again and again. To change the game, use the menu manages at the base of the display. Click to switch the game lovemaking scene. See what ghost lovemaking is. Play now »