K-ON! Kisekai Undress

A hentai parody game that will make blessed any devotee of”K-ON!” Anime series. And moatter what you would like to do more – to undress characters from it or dressing them up in different garbs because ofthis game you can lightly perform both. There won’t be any story tho – right form the commence you will see all the main characters and waiting for you to undress them or dress them up as it was already mentioned. You may use unique pre-sets for costumes to make them all looks the same or try to bring individuality to each character. Also you use it as basis for the next line of toddlers and can switch wallpapers. The space for experiment here is really broad ecause you can setup not only clothes but some accesories also. Take your funtime with eight different scrapbooking dolls! Play now »