MrPinku Noose Room Escape

A variation of virtual escape room out of Mr Pinku so there’ll be quite certain artstyle and humor… and some manga porn as well! The story so far is that some redhead chick has got into problems. She left behind some documents in her room an dnow she can’t get them because Jabby is home and these two ar enot in relatiosn indeed. That is why she asks for indian-wanna-be man next door to slink into her room and get out together with the documents she would like. And if with creeping in part there won’t be any issues creeping out will become a test of your observation and quick-thinking skills. There won’t be anythyng too gonzo and most likely you will get the rewrad from sexy sandy-haired anyways. There are only a few ways to solve the run away room but will you find them all? Play now »