Ada Wong against the Pink Queen

This game even though it’s made in anime porn paroyd genre has taken fairly a lot in the original”Resident Evil 2″ game. For example, here you’ll need to collect three cards to open the exit door so Ada Wong could run away teh complex with stolen secrets. However, where are these cards? That is something that you will hav eto figure out by yourself exploring room. But if you believe that you will simply”scanning” whole complicated then we’ve got yet another challenge for you – Ada includes a restricted time for run away which for you as a player will indicate a limited number of deeds which you can perform. Make each of your deeds to count and don’t worry if you will have to replay the game more than once – this adventure is not anywhere near to an easy walks that you usually have in manga porn parody games. Play now »

The Ghost of Halloween

A gloomy story happened in the city. The blonde crushed him to death and didn’t find the passerby. Ridiculous passing. The deceased’s phantom remained on Earth to penalize the stupid blonde. He prepped for a long moment. It was Halloween. A ghost shows up at the blonde’s house. Then he comes in the building and in the room of the 2nd floor a blonde that is dumb is found by the ghost. It is time for revenge. So you have to look around the mansion to obtain some quest items. Begin your research at additional bedrooms, kitchen and the bedroom, then from the basement. If you discover all items return to the room with the blonde. And commence fucking her with a baseball bat in a cock-squeezing gash. Tie her arms and gag it. Because she’s to blame for your own death rape the blonde. Do it. Play now »