Gangster Strip Blackjack

America 30 decades. Gangsters arrange strikes on liquor vans and rob homes. You’re an ordinary city dweller who took to the roads to find a gorgeous gangster woman. She’s a gorgeous smile, big tits and a round butt. She is a really adventurous individual. The girl offers you to play with a game. It is called blackjack. If you can win then the gal will undress. Should you lose then you get shot in the forehead. You’re also an adventuresome person and accept her suggest. So the rules of the game are extremely simple. You have to get more game points on cards than a dame. Then you win the round and also the gal will take off a number of her clothing. If you score over twenty one points then the game is finished. If luck is on the side you may win the game. You will observe a doll totally naked and keep alive. Try your luck at the moment. Play now »