Tifa’s Swingy Ass

“Tifa’s Swingy Ass” as it is fairly demonstrable from the name is a minigame where hot videogame superstar Tifa Lockhart from”Fianl Fanatsy VII” allows you fuck and smack her candy caboose! But if you wish to win the game then you’ll need to fuck and slap it in a certain order that will not be provided to you as some other instruction so you’ll need to figure this out order on your own. Just click on the mouse button on the ideal time and see what reactions Tifa will flash for it. If you’ll happen to discover the proper sequence of smacks you then are going to get to the next scene along with your funtime using booty lady Tifa will coninue. And in the event you’re going to want for more then you could always visit our site and play several manga porn games starring not only Tifa but also a number of your favorite characters! Play now »