This game is really a manga porn parody for all worshippers of”Wakfu” animations. Or for many admirers elven chicks. Or for all aficionados of lesbo fantasy. Or… might be you will watch it already? The story with this one is pretty elementary – two gals (that you will lightly comprehend them in case you watched first series) has fight. So now they have to return to their friendly relationship again… and looks like sapphic treatment will do the job just nice to achive it! You may enjoy the collection of colorific and well animated manga porn scenes of both of these dame pleasing each other by doing plenty of all girl matters (such as groping and finger-tickling cootchies – and that is not all!) . Only use arrow buttons in the perfect bottom of the screen if you determine it’s time to reach teh following scene. Not much gameplay but this game is obviouly has lezzie pardoy because its main objective! Play now »