Concubines Of Whoredor

This interactive and adventure RPG lovemaking flash game will tell the story of the Dark Lord to you. He resides in a dark and terrible nation in the center of an extinct volcano. He’s called Erolandia. The Lord travels the world in search of venture. So first-ever you need to accomplish several assignments. You have to get a orc. After that, the general will give a job to you and you will go on a long journey. The game is interactive and you’ll be able to interact with any game objects. To try it, use this mouse. You will have to conclude the mission of this general. You can also visit the castle. Or visit a brothel to drink vodka and have orgy with a cheap and big-boobed bitch. Fuck the gal in her tight booty until she reaches a numerous orgasm. So if you are ready to begin a dark expansion and take over the world – embark the game right now. Play now »