Mrs.Claus The Unfaithful Wife (Full Version)

This fun and story took place in the house of Santa Claus. He lives there with his own young and mischievous wife. And they also have an elf boy. It’s a youthfull guy with a big dick. He privately fucks Mrs. Claus in a taut snatch. The mission is to satiate the big-chested Mrs. Claus till Santa Claus sees it. The game starts in the living area. The paper is read by santa, and his buxomy wife decorates the Christmas tree. The mop is taken by the elf and begins cleaning the ground. As soon as Santa begins reading the paper, click on the mouse button. You will see the Elf commence tonguing Mrs. Claus’ big orange and strawberry nips. Watch Santa!!! . When he stops reading the paper, you must let go of the mouse button. If he catches you, then the game is finished. But if you did exactly the right thing, you are going into the kitchen. And…? Play now »