Passionate Moments: Business Trip

“Passionate Seconds: Business Trip” is a fresh game from”Lesson of Passion” series therefore most likely you already know what sort of minutes there are likely to take place. Also in the event that you have been attracted by sexual relationship betwen hot secretary an dher manager then you ahve one mor ereason to try this game. You will be enjoying as boy named Jack who is still on a biz trip. This type of trips take a good deal of help so that he takes his secretary Gina with him. Pretty soon she’ll discover which Jack can handle the majority of the bargains with himself except for just one thing – to relieve after biz meeting throughout the day. And this is exactly what he has Gina for to enable him to relax regardless of what he will inquire Gina to do for him… if she would like to maintain her job as his secretary ofcourse. Play now »