The Mad Professor 2

In this intriguing flash game you will learn the narrative of the production of green material. So, the Mad Professor is operating in a chemistry lab. As after long scientific experiments, the professor made a scientific breakthrough. He invented a unload usingintelligence. This can be called the Green Storm. The thing about this discovery is that the bust only affects women. This makes their clothes disappear, andmakes women want to have intercourse. To begin with, the professor determines to try the bust in the basement, there is not a lone woman using notes. Subsequently the professor comes out and goes to the bus stop. There he sees a gorgeous and huge-chested chick. She is very arrogant. The professor sprayed on the sploog on the doll and after a couple of mins she was left sans clothes. In addition, the dame truly wants to have orgy with a professor. She is willing to pay for hook-up. What can be nicer than fucking a busty bitch and getting paid. Do it.

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