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Pretty strange games with a story about vengeance, fuckfest and relationship but if you are interested in that staff thne you still can give it the opportunity. Main characters of the story are Ella and Levi. Ella has a secret about what happened with her sista about a half of the year ago with her resolving it, and Leviu is somehow connected. The issue is that Levi has no thought about the darl minutes of Ella in the past and start to act more and more with her than usual. Can it be a part of the program of Ella? Is itused to own realtionship? Or is it a coincednce that happend because of lack of trust between those two? You will hav eto figure this out on your own by enjoying the game… but if youa re planning to play it only becaus eof hentai moments then it’ll perform just fine.

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