Crazy Fairy

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In this pretty crazy looking game you will have to prevent an ivasion of… fairies! How often did you happened to prevent fairy invasions in videogames? And if you did you very likely still won’t beready for what you are about to watch here! Thus play this game on your risk today. The genre of this game is some sort of lightened version of tower defence up. You may have five heterosexual manners on which all sorts of fairies will try to reach you. All this ways includes a defence system which shoots different types of ammo and each kind works only for certain kind of fairy. Also different types of fairies will deliver different number of points. If you’ll allow a fairy to get through you will liberate points. Also you will loose points in case you’re going to use the wrong typoe of ammo about the worng kind of fairy therefore try and keep quiet under this attack if you’re able to.

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