A date with Yvette

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In this game you will try your skills at seducing hot girl online relationship site (not the realone ofcoure – ingame”website”). Your pick to tonight’s flirting would probably be Yvette. Get on her webpage, send her a enjoy and expect for her to phone you back. When she will (and also she will – this is a game in case you’ve forget already) you are going to need to use all of your pickup talents to find something more out of her thensimply saying”Hi!” . But pay attention to what you do or what you say – in this game it is fairly possible to finish the story withzero percent of discovered erotic scenes and if this will happen you will have to begin from the very start. Or you may go to our site (perhaps not ingame, the true one this time) and try some other erotic games with sensual models!

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