April’s Big Story

Brave (and let's be fair - fairly sexy) reporter April O'Neil out of TV Channel six News is always in pursuit to get a fine tale to talk even if this pursuit will direct her into very questionable places. And even if something was twicthing in the area where miss O'Neil has her intuition it's functioned too late - 2 dirty mutants Beebop and Rocksteady has caught her this time! And that is not all - that they decided to attempt the mutagen on April but even they were not expecting it is going to turn our beloved reporter right into... fuck-fest mad elf! Quite an outcome, right? And that is not all - that the most exciting outcomes will happen just a little bit later when Beebop and Rocksteady will pull out their huge animal sized beefsticks and put them into use to examine April's fresh unique abilities!

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