Holio – U Russian Girl

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This period in Holio-U game gig (which also may be easil;y titled as”there is a fresh chick next doors who you haven’t fucked yet”) you bette rget ready to be impressed – today your area will soon be hot looking russuian chick! Yeah, in large and hot hat… but this won’t cause her any less sexy! As usual – knock to her door and try to guess which one of three pickup lines will let you to get inwards her appartment. Then choose another line – the one that will allow with her to touch in interesting places. And remeber – different nymphs like to be touched in places! Afterwards there will be several sequences before you will get to manga porn minigames. This gameplay is pretty old-school for the series so if you have played at least one of them before then you very likely know ideally .

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