Holio – U – Pink Blonde

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A youthfull blonde in a pink mini-skirt has settled not far from your house. You saw this doll several times . You decided to visit her to meet and eat testicle tonic pie. Knock Knock. A huge-chested blonde in a white T-shirt and pink mini-skirt opens the door. She looks attractive. You don't notice anything else and stare at her watermelons that are big. The blonde begins a dialogue. Now the rule is to select the dialogue option that is right to charm the blonde. Do not be rude - you will go homeand the blonde will be scared by this. But if you charmed a doll, she will offer you to visit her. And you will have wild hookup with this huge-chested chick. Fuck her in a taut vulva thatthe blonde reaches orgasm. Do it.