Christie's Room is a wonderfull place where each gal who's into bdsm items can get her initaitaion... and tonight you won't just see alluring bombshell with big tits can get thru her first-ever initiation however, you'll grow to be the one who will commence her! Just like in a bdsm you will have the broad set of contraptions and fucktoys that you can use on this chained up and barely clad lady. But also like in real bdsm you will need to pay attention on the levels not he rpledsure but her anguish too becasue you need to know that bdsm is not equivalent to torturing. Now choose the objects and attempt them on different areas of this ultra-cutie's bod and see what results it will bring. Well made combination of 3D animation and interactivity for providing you with virtual reality bdsm experience!

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