Exposing sexy Alicia

This nymph is named Alicia. But no matte rhow sexy she looks that will not sve her out of a strange and quite uncommon kind of disease. This is one of the ailments that will induce her to pay a visit to a therapist one day. And guess what? Now is the day! And guess who will be the doc? That's correct - you are the medic! So following a pleasant conversing with your sexy nurse assistant you may meet Alicia in your office and try to discover what is it wrong with her. And do not be astonished if all of this trip will turn into threesome at some point - this is a game out of"Lesson of Passion" string after all! And in case you've loved this game and need to play with games just like it then simple visit our site - there are more games of the same along with other genres!

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Despite the pretty plain and evident name of the brief anime porn game there'll be some type of twisted plot in it. Therefore, if you believe fucking is much more interesting when you understand the characters and understand their motives then you should check it at this time! The story begins when your character puts into hospital with some unknown motive. He meets very lovely nurse that seems to be indeed caring for her patients. Much mor e- seems like you've become one of the favorites! And today you'll need to repay her for her kindliness by being kind to her sweet hot body. Game is made from few different fuck-fest matches in line with touching this nurse at appropriate order that you will have to find yourself by trying each of the available alternatives. Fill out the fuckometr - and you'll reach the next scene!

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