Monster Hunter

Halloween Adventure

This sensual game will be a excellent option for Halloween night to play. The protagonist of this game will probably be youthful man named Simon. He is obviously a nerd and is getting bullied with this from timt to time. To break away these kind of problems on halloween night that he decides to hide from the deserted mansion that overlooks the city. What will he see there if the hooligans aren't plucky enough to ensue him ? Well, here is a creep peek about the additional story for you - that will locate a type of DnD boardgame... which proves to be cursed and will rally all of the creatures from the game at the real world! So now Simon might have to handle Mummy, Zombie, Ghost, Ware wolf, Witch and Vampire instead of some bullies! And since this manga porn game you have probably guessed how he will have to deal with them tonight...

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