In bed with Emma

Meet Emma. She is one sexy brown-haired. She's 23 years old. And she likes to fuck! Yep, in this game it is possible to fuck her in various positions and do it as difficult as you would like. Simply press the button using a position which you need to select and use rate club to fuck Emma tighter or softer. She is able to ride your man meat at various positions. You can fuck her without a condom. Or simply take her rump from behind. Obviously she's about to give you a fellatio at any given time. You can also call a friend and bang her from two ends at exactly the identical moment! The tighter you will probably be fucking Emma - the swifter enjoyment meter will get taller. Fill up this pleasure meter to its best to find a sexy cum shot scene. And don't forget that once you done you are able to always fuck her one more time. Or twice. Or... well, you have the idea!

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