Diva mizuki

Diva Mizuki ahs such an outstanding curves that it is not easy to believe that she is from precisely the identical planet as we all are. And this story will approve this theory as youw ill watch her travelling her spaceship... but maybe not for too long or too far as she gets crashed on the back of a dude who is lucky enough to be home alone at the present time. The issues with the ship doesn't seem to be any serious and Diva can fix them fairly rapid but only if she'll find a helping arm... and this dude is prepared to help! However, for reward ofcourse. And what sort of prize he might request from additional curvy cutie such as Diva Mizuki? The obvious one... and it seem sliek Diva does not mind at all! So go after their brief but very titillating adventure and find out where they will end up at the conclusion of this terrific moment!

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