Despite the pretty plain and evident name of the brief anime porn game there'll be some type of twisted plot in it. Therefore, if you believe fucking is much more interesting when you understand the characters and understand their motives then you should check it at this time! The story begins when your character puts into hospital with some unknown motive. He meets very lovely nurse that seems to be indeed caring for her patients. Much mor e- seems like you've become one of the favorites! And today you'll need to repay her for her kindliness by being kind to her sweet hot body. Game is made from few different fuck-fest matches in line with touching this nurse at appropriate order that you will have to find yourself by trying each of the available alternatives. Fill out the fuckometr - and you'll reach the next scene!

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Fuck Town: Pretty Guest

Ordinary weekend in Fucktown always goes not the way you've planned nothing! Something like this happens with primary hero of this story - he had been planning to savor quiet weekend in his appartement when... his sister telephoned him and said that she has a girlfriend that needs a place to stay for many days! Well, may be you can fuck her at some point so why not? Butfirst you'll need to get ready for the trip so a shopping trip for obtaining all neccessary things like toothpaste and other stuff. And then ofcourse if youyou are planning to seduce her then pleasant blossoms would be a great improvement to the list. Everything is prepared? Then meet your temporary roommate... and as this is a Fucktown - your temporary fuck buddy also!

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