Fuck Town: Christmas Vanity

You playTyler - a scientist who is trying to create working X-ray eyeglasses to enjoy all the time to girls. He just finished a new variant of these glasses. That is why he goes to test them.

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Mrs.Claus The Unfaithful Wife (Full Version)

In this game you'll be playing as an elf dude - one of several Santa's helper. You will be helpingin leaning up Claus' building. Where you are going to realize that mrs Claus remains fairly hot woman and mr Claus is not paying any attention at all. Well, llooks like somebody requires an elven help tonight... The sport sbased on you response. Simply press and hold mouse button to do sexual deeds with mrs Claus... while mr Claus is sitting right next to yo and studying his newspaper! Your job will be to wifey and try not to get into hubby's view - looks like cheating problems may occur even on a magic north pole! If you not get caught in the living room then you will learn that there are mor eplaces at the palace where mrs Claus would really like to get fucked!

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