The incredible bulk

It's time for some truly dangerous experiments at the lab. And to perform them you may need doc Bruce Banger along with Charlie as his helper. Well, it is in the event if you would like to turn all this bland science stuff in to hentai parody about big green fellow banging sexy blondie in all means possible! The game is made as a serie sof animated scenes that will not just inform you the hilarious story but also permit you to choose wher eit will proceed in some critical moments. Everything that you'll have to do would be to select one of three available options and... play plain fuck-fest minigame then! Ofcourse no matter wha you will select you will see the unbelievable Bulk but looks like Charlie can handle even with trunk that large. How? Play the game to discover! To learn more fucky-fucky parodies with Charlie simply visit our site.

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Amore caliente

Charlie is back... at Mexico! One of the things that Mexico is known for is it is TV soap operas. Among the things that Charlie is famous for is making sexy parodies around TV shows... which includes soap operas also! So dive in to this rated x story about love triangle - spouse, wife and Charlie! Simply sit back and love the scenario right until the moment you'll need to make a decision - the choice is unsighted which means thay you will be choosing among three alternative without knowing what each option does. But don't worry - many of your options will wind up in one or some other minigame that is sexy. Just click in certain area while Charlie will be giving a dt or shooting bone from behind! Every time after creating your decision it's possible to move further and see what will happen next or have a step bakc and assess what other choices do!

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