Alien Abduction

Always dto understand exactly what aliens do that they abduct from planet Earth? Well, this movie might give you an answer! So one night boy and one woman was near having some pleasure in boy's car... if suddenly a green light gets burnt them out of all instructions and couple seconds after they already where interior alien spaceship! What's going to happen for this couple? What experiments aliens are planning to execute over their youthful sexy bodies? Can they live till morning and finally have sex in the car (well, that's likely just man's ideas but who knows...)? If you would like to learn the answers for all these questions or you just like humorous stories with both fantastic and erotic elements in it then you really should play this game right now!

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TMNT April O’Kneel

Prepare to see that your good old TV buddy Apriel O'Neil at a totally fresh scene of her own adventures! In this episode you will see this plucky reporter going solo against both Beebop and Rocksteady! She was attempting to obtain a new sensation but instead these two jurks arrived from nowhere. How is this girl gonna fight these evil mutants? Well, seems like there'll be no need to fight after all these guys are here just to fuck some hot chick and it happened they got thier eyes April... and April got her eyes in their massive bones! She might not be a vampire but that she undoubtedly knows how to treat big prick... and you're able to love each scene of the sensational report ! And in case if you will need it the end password is really logical - it's"APRIL"!

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