Rendo Blowjob

That is Rendo. She is short haired chick with big tits and she is alwya thirsty for dick in her mouth. Normally she onlygets stripped to the waist and suck any spunk-pump that she is able to get this manner. And that is precisely what she will perform in this match! There won't be no plot or prelude quests that you will get your suck off out of Rendo straight from the start! Pick among five choices of fellatios which you prefer and Rendo will happily offer you her mind! Each upcoming options will enable you to te get deeper and deeper into her mouth and then her gullet. And of course at any moment you're able to use the jizm to give Rendo her prize for doing a good (inhale)job! Replay the game to use different bj choices and receive a special bj session each time - Rendo is constantly thirsty for cock and always blessed to become messy facial cumshot!

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