Booty Call Ep. 22 – Spring Break MTV

It's time for Spring Break! And exactly also what exactly it implies for Jake? It menas the booty callsagain! Meet 22nd installment of long playing hentai funny game show which is known as"Spring Break MTV"! And what is the ideal spot to invest the spring break with fun? It is Cancun. And looks like his friend Calvin and Jake are already at the place. And seems like most of the talkings about spring break at Cancun were true - Jake is surrounded by sexy and horny ladies! And it may become quite a job to get the pussy that is the best here - but thankfully for Jake he is not th eone who will make all the difficult decisions. Because you as a participant will make all the options for him. So think carefully since you wil lead the story... and Jake needs this story to end up together with him gettin laid!

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