Sex Bet Episode 1 – Raiser’s Club [ v 2.0 ]

In this interesting 3D sex game you will learn the history of the relationship inbetween Harry and Tina. So you overslept and was late for breakfast. But the situation can be fixed by you. First you need to appear around. Then go to find Harry there. But very first, let's wear Tina. To do this, use this mouse. Click the arrows in the edges of the game display to look around. Click on the doorway to go into another area. As briefly as you find a gal talk to her. She'll tell you a lot of interesting things. After that, visit the cafe. There you will meet with Harry. Then you've got to make a choice. Definitely the assignment of this game is to get lovemaking with lovely and busty women. You need to discover a way how to get it done. Start playing at the moment.

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