Kasumi Island – Puzzle game

Here is the game about Kasumi – buxomy ninja Lady from world renowned fighting videogame series”Dead or Alive” (or simply D.O.A.). Only now she sees that this tropical island not to participate in some martial arts championship except to loosen… and have a lot of hook-up ofcourse! The story regarding Kasumi was ambling on the beach to enjoy the sunset and instead got herself involved in ganbang orgy will be told in 8 chapters. But to unlock each of them you are going to need to address the mystery first! Don’t worry, they will not be too hard and all that you will need to do is to swap lump that are placed next to each oteh runtil you got them all in a decent position. When the lump is on its place it becomes inactive and it’s going to be easier for you to finish the puzzle and enjoy following bang-out scenes!

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