Kanu Unchou hentai sex

"Ikkitousen" is fairly a classic arcade series but it's big-boobed heroines nevertheless maintain making appearances in anime porn games and parodies from time as well. Probably the most famous and in demand of them is Kanu Unchou - tall and powerful fighter with very long hair. You might also remeber her being a little bit timid too but only not here and now - tonight Kanu Unchou wil get everything that a guy with lollipop can give her! The only real question is will you be able to keep up? Since you will see this game isn't just a and animated manga porn scenes with Kanu Unchou but each of these scenes is also a minigame which you will need to conclude to get to the next one. These games will examine yor sense of rhytm and quickness but prizes will undoubtedly worth it all.

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