Private Detective

In this sport you play with a part of theprivate detective. Your job is to adhere to a businessman's spouse and make certainshe isn't cheatingon him. But who knows, perhaps that'll be you together with whom she'll cheat. So be careful and do your best as you can, to get as much pussy.

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Slave Lords Of The Galaxy [v 0.2.5]

You will be hired by a few queen of some desert world. And she has chosen this planet because she have a good deal of lsaves and also she wants to train them somewhere... and find some gain from these ofcourse. And you will be the man who will help her with training part. To begin the game just visit the palace at which you will have a talk with queen and she will provide you your first activity - some girl who is still not used for her role of slave so you will have to not only to trian her also discipline her. Take her to a space ship at which you may do quite a lot of things by her which includes even modifying her their underwear color! Ofcourse most of your skills will be locked in the start so you'll have to get the best way to progress through the game to get an entry to them.

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Divided Heart

New game type "Lesson of Passion" series. In this game the story will be about a married couple who had their relationship cool down at a certain point. Cool down to date that sexy blonde wife is noteven on the disposition to fuck anymore! Yet you will be playing as husband. And moreover fucking your spouse there are a lot of different things you will have to do. Like going to work, running in the park and much much more. There will be a morale points that will be shifted one way or the other. At some point you'll meet one more girl and will be attempting to receive her attention... which probably will create your wifey's curiosity for one to come bacl! That means you'll be the man chasing two girls in precisely the same time - which among them you'll get in the end? Don't bother to imagine - just play the game right now!

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