Teasing Game

Two hot chicks went with their mother into the shore. It seems that there are two boys that enjoy their sunbathing. Girls also have noticedthey aren't alone. And they know how to tease those boys.

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Driving with London

You perform like Ted, the private guard of a rich and dangerous guy called Jerry, You could use the money as you've got a girlfriend - hot and amazing Kayla, your fiancee. The work is simple and everything is nice... but you see that something strange is occurring. What type of secret business is Kayla yanking off? What secrets are hidden by the sexy wife of yournew boss? You have to locate answers to your own questions and get one of 4 unique endings! The game is introduced in the form of a visual novel, in crucial places you're given several possibilities for answers or activities, the composition of that will depend on your prior choices. In certain areas the participant is given the opportunity to explore the premises on his own, and also the game, such as classical quests, extends into the genre of "point-and-click". The sport provides 4 main storylines, which lead to the appropriate endings. The player also receives achievements, which can be saved even if the game is replayed. Achievements are displayed on the beginning screen, and the majority of them you can get while passing your game to different endings. However, for getting some achievements you have to work hard and perform certain actions. It is also worth noting a great easy soundtrack, which can accompany the player the entire game.

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Room Escape

This game willreally rape your brain. This time isn't really simple to reach the sex scenes. You're in the room and must open couple of doors to satisfy some woman and fuck her. To initiate the game clickthe button in the middle of the game, whether it won't work, wait several seconds and try again (game is truly large and authors do not understand how to add loading bar :-RRB- ). Few instructions how you can play this match: in few scenes you'll have to input some passwords, here they are: 1). Box password is 2-6-8, two. Box with buttons without numbers - You have to press buttons to make a "P" correspondence in3. Toilet password is 2547, 4. Drawer code is 13 30 40. The other game you should solve on your own. Only look anyplace, all corners, under bed, beneath desk - anyplace.

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