Christmas Heat

Christmas time is arriving every year and sure affects our lives in various ways. For many it affacts much more, for others it impacts less... but it sure does! But how it affacts your sexual life? If you're interested to figure out then play this hort check already! How can you cheer up yourself before christmas? What tipically stays in your memory after the end of this novel? What winter holiday action do you prefer? Answer these and other questions by choosing one of four replying options and get your traits in the end! In case if you don't think in all these state tests then there is other reason for you to play with this game - while answering questions you will observe the collection of sweet anime damsel stunning sexy poses in their xmas garbs!

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D.Q. Fight

This game might seem pretty tough for a casual gamer but if you've taken your own time in all kinds of rpg and jrpg you then might try to test your skills here. The game is all about five hottest women that you may understand from the videogame series"Dragon pursuit". First you will have to do is to choose the one which you willing to fight with. Among available characters there are: Minea, Bianca, Maniya, Jessica or Alena. Prior to the battle you can choose few characteristics and special moves (again - it will be easier if you've played original games before). Try using all your skills and spells to defeat the girl and receive reward - unlockable content for cg hentai gallery using the caharacter which has been your opponent. Just don't get too cocky - these girls are fairly great in magic struggles!

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