Peter Griffin

Lois and Donna in Trouble

"Family guy" is quite funny TV show alone so to make it into anime porn parody all you have to include is a great deal of bang-out scenes inside. And this game does! The match will begin with Peter Griffin with some difficulties with... becoming his very own building! He even gets aid from Quagmire - situation looks this severe! But what's the reason? The reason is Lois and Donna decided to have any milfs-only funtime but enjoyed it so much that fully forget about time! Peter wasn't very happy with it he is convinced that they need to get penalized by... getting fucked with a real man's stiffy naturally! You can even choose which one of those TV beauties that you would like to place into alluring penalizing first... Oh and Quagmire are there as well - most likely the happiest evening of his whole lifetime!

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