CR: Comic-Con

Christie's Space appears to turn into a great deal thicker in this scene since it is titled as"Comic-Con"! Ofcourse you are not going to visit thick halls with lots and lots of people but instead you will have some time to relax at the club where two sexy cosplay gals will join you. Some of them is going to be clad as Vampirella while others is going to pretend to be Catwoman. We all know that these figures are far more than hot looking so lets hope that they have chosen these costumes for a reason... But first-ever you'll need to use all yoru charms and activate all of your pickup abilities because theis is part of gameplay and for to anime porn content of this game you will need to seuce these two hotties. Do not worry - they won't get away after you may do or say something because this is simply a game rather than a real life.

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