MrPinku: SpaceMorons Teaser

This fresh game from Mr Pinku is going to have three games in one! Well, may be not three different games but more like three different puzzles but anyway - three sounds three time finer than one, right? Once youwill approve that your are of legal age you may get to emain scene wher eyou cna visit trhee different planets. On these you may enable some dude to escape in the basement priosn cell. On the other you will try to pass some unusual rabbit-like monster by attempting to guess what kind of food it will love at the moment. On the third you're going to visit indian tournament in which the winner will be the oen who will can hit the apple put on a daring individual's head. Each of these puzzles you'll be able to solve or to see game over screen so don't rush since in the event that you will win you are going to love very exciting animations as reward.

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